A collection of things from Polly Guo
About Los Angeles based director, writer, and artist with pet dog, roaches, and rats. Excited by people and new projects. ︎ ︎ ︎ work inquiries please ︎ ︎

Adventure Time (written and boarded by)
“June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” dir. John Kahrs with Chromosphere, from Lyft
Additional credits:
She-Ra (coming soon)
Summer Camp Island (written and boarded by)

Things I’ve directed
Untitled Project (in progress)
Untitled Project 2 (in progress)
Explainer video pitch “Hannah”
Fox ADHD shorts
Childhood Ruined (5mil+ views)
World War Cute (1mil+ views)
Our Argument (student film)
My Imperfect Life with Rats
Houdini & Holmes
Frog & Fly (backup in Prophet, for Image)
Ben’s Day Spa
Strongman and Pianist
Communication Issues (Adventure Time, for BOOM)
Spera (for Archaia)
Moving to LA part one | part two
Ba She (for Divinity Reimagined)
Morningstar (for First Second)
The Hair-Raising Tale of Gabriel Birdsong (for Outlaw Territory)
Gawain’s Girlfriend and the Green Knight

Misc work
GIF news
This Week in History

Mental Health Tarot Deck (in progress)