A collection of things from Polly Guo

Adventure Time (written and boarded by)
Graybles Allsorts: The Gift That Reaps Giving
The Music Hole
The Invitation (Islands miniseries)
Skyhooks (Elements miniseries)
Happy Warrior (Elements miniseries)
The Wild Hunt
“June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” dir. John Kahrs with Chromosphere, from Lyft
Dreamworks TV (credits coming soon)
Summer Camp Island (written and boarded by)

Comics (art and writing)
My Imperfect Life with Rats
Houdini & Holmes
Frog & Fly
Ben’s Day Spa
Moving to LA
Ba She
Gawain’s Girlfriend and the Green Knight
Things I’ve directed
Untitled Project (in progress)
Untitled Project 2 (in progress)
Explainer video pitch “Hannah”
Fox ADHD shorts
Childhood Ruined (5mil+ views)
World War Cute (1mil+ views)
Our Argument (student film)

Misc work
GIF news
This Week in History

Mental Health Tarot Deck (in progress)

About Los Angeles based director, writer, and artist with pet dog, roaches, and rats. Excited by people and new projects.
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