A collection of things from Polly Guo

About Los Angeles based director, writer, and artist with pet dog, roaches, and rats. Excited by people and new projects. Let’s collaborate. 
Credits Adventure Time, She-Ra, Gawain’s Girlfriend and the Green Knight, Tig N’ Seek
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Gawain’s Girlfriend and the Green Knight (full comic)

Appears on 100 Best Comics of the Decade
"One of the best comics I have ever read" - Heidi Macdonald, comicsbeat.com
"Devastatingly good and you need to read it." - Comics & Cola.
"One of the best fantasy comics I've ever read". - Sam Bosma
Writer, Artist (downloadable link with extras)

Adventure Time (more)

Writer, Storyboard artist

June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride (more)

Storyboard artist

My Imperfect Life with Rats (full comic)

Writer, Artist

Fox ADHD (later GIPHY) (more)

Animator, Designer

Fowl Play (WIP) (game page)

Game Design, Writer, Artist